Myanmar Gov Fight Propaganda as Rohingya Muslims Found Burning Their Own Homes

The Muslim Issue

Does the word Merkel ‘refugees’ come to mind? #arson

It’s excellent that the Myanmar government is finally making efforts to battle the enormous propaganda machine that Muslims and terrorists use on a daily basis to spread complete lies and misinformation to the media and the rest of the world. Although it may even make them question accurate reports, it’s far better that they make efforts to find out the truth.

It’s this constant propaganda, a part of Jihad, which influences media to inadvertedly aid and abet terrorism by reporting false news which then begin to influence political decisions with wrong conclusions. The false news and victim narrative help to recruit even more muslims to parttake in terrorism by building up their hatred and resentment for the ‘infidel’, of which they have plenty, while concealing from them that the actual cause of the terrorism is from muslims and their own creation.

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