Egyptian TV debate: Only Muslims Take Pride in Their Religious Colonialist Crimes

The Muslim Issue

Pay attention to this conversation. Muslims can never be called occupiers. They are entitled to take land, invade, loot, enslave, occupy. It’s all part of Islam. Denyind them that right is an ‘insult’ and an attempt to oppose and ‘fight the muslims’.

The Arab-Christian channel Al-Hayat TV asks if it is already too late to stop the rapid growth of terrorism within muslim communities because they have been brought up to admire and idolise it for too long.

Egyptian-Canadian Writer Said Shoaib: Muslims Are the Only Ones Who Take Pride in Their Colonialist Crimes

Egyptian-Canadian journalist Said Shoaib said that Al-Andalus was “colonialist occupation” and that it is very sad that the Muslims “take pride in their colonialist crimes.” In a June 29 interview with the Arab-Christian channel Al-Hayat TV, Shoaib said that Muslims have no choice but to reform their religion, rather than continuing to be “a burden on…

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