Angela Merkel pelted with tomatoes during election rally

The Muslim Issue

She doesn’t get it.

The 63-year-old Chancellor came under literal and actual fire from hundreds of protesters voicing their upset over her ‘open doors’ policy during the 2015 migrant crisis. Protesters shouted ‘liar’ and ‘hypocrite’ at election rally attack. Germany is holding a General Election on September 24.

Some 3,000 people were at the rally and those who demonstrated against her were angry at her refugee policies which have seen over a million unvetted immigrants enter the country in the last two years.



Merkel Hit by Tomato in Latest Campaign Rally Unrest, DPA Says

By Naomi Kresge and Patrick Donahue
5 September 2017, 20:17 GMT+1

German Chancellor Angela Merkel looks at a stain on her jacket during a campaign event at the University Square in Heidelberg, Germany, on Sept. 5. Photographer: Uwe Anspach/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

Police are investigating after German Chancellor Angela Merkel was hit on the left…

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