Muslims Praise and ‘Like’ The London Bridge Attack On Social Media

The Muslim Issue

They need to stop calling them Jihadist. Jihadists is a term being misused by the media to refer to some rare, isolated group of rouge terrorists who have invented a new religion. They have invented nothing. There is only one version of Islam and they follow it to the letter.

Jihad means the exact same thing to every Muslim around the world, all 1.5 billion of them. It has no separate meaning to ISIS than to the average Muslim you see passing you on the street. Jihad is a duty that ALL Muslims are suppose to engage in, just as Hajj is a duty for all Muslims to engage in at least once in their lifetime.

Only the brave ones join to actually fight and even fewer offer to die for Allah. Therefore, they are seen as the heroes, and worshipped and admired as the Supermen of Islam. Muslims areā€¦

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