Audio: Muslims Laugh And Shout ‘Allahu Akbar!” Watching London Bridge Terror Reporting

The Muslim Issue

Isn’t it bizarre that none of the major media outlets want to cover this? They are too busy to publish fake news, pretending that Muslims are “coming together” to object to terrorism. No such thing. A tiny minority – usually the forever persecuted Ahmadi’s (who basically originate from force-converted Hindus in North India anyways) – are the only ones who tend to speak up. But they are listed as kafirs, so that doesn’t really count at all within the Muslim community.

Britain has over 5 million Muslims. In spite of this massive demographics they rarely get together to do anything for non-Muslim terror victims. Whenever one small tumb (“mislead”) sticks out and wants to collect donations for victims of terrorism and urge their own community, contact imams and mosque goers to donate, they barely manage to collect more than £2-3,000. Compare this to Ramadan where British Muslims donate over £300…

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