Video: Egypt 1958, Muslims laughed at Muslim Brotherhood idea to impose hijab on women: ‘Let him (MB) wear it’

The Muslim Issue

One of our Canadian readers Canada Uber shared this evidence of Islamic devolution from Egypt in 1958. Muslims are more backward today than decades ago.

Egyptian President Nasser giving a speech in 1958 followed by the laughter from the whole crowd when he describes the Muslim Brotherhood’s plans to make all women in Egypt wear a hijab. A man from the crowd shouts, “Let him wear it!” referring to the Muslim Brotherhood member who made the ridiculous proposal.

Look what has happened around the world and in the Islamic world in particular when tolerance was shown to such nasty, extreme figures as the Muslim Brotherhood. Had there been efforts made to stop them once and for all then, we would probably not have seen an al-Qaeda, ISIS or Taliban today.

The subtitles are in yellow and a little hard to read.

As we have said many times in the past…

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