Muslim Brotherhood tentacles in America — and their lies to establish a democracy in Egypt

The Muslim Issue

The Muslim Brotherhood promised a fairytale of freedom and democracy to Egypt — “if” they only got into power. The stupid West ran to their support, ignoring the fact that they would be supporting a radical government and not a democratic one: democracy is an enemy to Islam. You can never have democracy in an Islamic country. Nor can you have democratic ideals within a practicing Muslim community. We need to grasp this fact.
Those who understand Islam always argued the Muslim Brotherhood claim was simply a ploy. And so it is. The Muslim Brotherhood is now working hard to dismantle the entire Army, persecute Christians and establish a hard core Sharia state out of Egypt, making the country even worse for it’s women and non-Muslim nationals. It is the same Muslim Brotherhood that has infiltrated into the U.S. government.

The U.S. government simply can’t connect the dots.


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