UK: Toddler Madeleine McCann abducted by people traffickers to be sold to Muslims, says ex-Met detective

The Muslim Issue

Isn’t this what we have been saying for a long time?

The parents vacationed in Portugal. Like Spain, Portugal is infested with illegal Muslims. They pour in through Africa. The EU’s failed social experiment with open borders has created a million-Muslim march of a constant stream of the most inadapatable,  violent, intolerant and nefarious people on earth pouring into Europe in uncontrolled numbers devouring the countries from within. Muslims are the primary clients for human trafficking victims and the main reason this industry exists in the first place. Age is no bar.

Europe is now a place where adults cannot even travel safely with their children. The British media and public treated the poor parents of this young child with appalling cruelty, when the real fault is with the politician who imported Muslims into Europe. With Muslims come Sharia – slavery, violence, misogyny, human rights violations and medieval savagery.


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