French woman dies mysteriously after Arab prince refute paternity battle over kidnapped daughter

The Muslim Issue

Candice Cohen-Ahnine died without being able to see her daughter again after she was kidnapped in 2008 by her father, a Saudi prince.
The French Jewish woman who was fighting for custody of Haya, aged 11, died Thursday at her Paris home in “suspicious circumstances” according to her publisher. She “fell” of her balcony.

Cohen-Ahnine gave birth to Haya in 2001. But the couple broke up five years later, when Prince Sattam told her he was going to marry his cousin and wanted Candice relegated to second wife status. She subsequently returned to Paris with her daughter.

In 2008, eager to see his daughter, Prince Sattam resumed contact with his estranged wife and asked her to come to Saudi Arabia so he could visit with his daughter. That September, Candice and Haya arrived in the Kingdom. But the nightmare began soon after when her passport was stolen and she was imprisoned…

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