Spain: Muslims Storm Seville Good Friday Parade Screaming ‘Allahu-Akhbar’. 17 Hospitalised.

The Muslim Issue

Pay attention to the sentence “…and others slogans in support of Basque terrorist organisation ETA.”

Muslims will re-inliven ETA and make their jihad cause intertwined with ETA in pretence for ‘independence’. Whenever a country brings in Muslim migrants, and Sunni Muslims in particular who are responsible for 98% of islamic terrorism, they encounter a future with constant political turmoil, riots and efforts to undermine the government by hiding behind the scenes while holding the threads to conflicts.

Spanish people are in denial how focused and determined Muslims are to take back Andalusia. They will populate there and multiply until locals move out. And from there it gets only worse.



Thugs shouting ‘Allah is great’ were behind a stampede at a Good Friday parade in Seville that left 17 people in hospital

  • Police have launched an investigation following the incident in Seville 
  • The arrests were made following a late…

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