Australia: Muslims Beat Up African Train Passenger For Pointing Out Arabs Bring Crime Into The Country

The Muslim Issue

So, a black man tells Arabs they are responsible for all the crimes. And what do they do? In response they commit a crime (!) and beat him up. For their senseless attack the victim is called a ‘racist’.

How was the statement “racism”? People don’t even know the meaning of the word racism. An opinion is an opinion. It’s not racism. Racism is an act whereby you deprive a person of the same legal rights that others have access to based on the idea that they are inferior to have the same rights. Racism is an act of deprivation. It’s tiring to read the poor grasph the media have of the word racism and how easily they use it for every small story of theirs.

The “witness” who claims ‘racist remarks’ were made appears to be an Indian – probably of Muslim background. Of course he will immediately jump…

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