ISIS Propaganda Video Proves White Helmets Work for the Terrorists

The Muslim Issue

Anyone with even rudamental knowledge of international aid-work know that no organisation or volunteer can have a presence in a conflict zone with free access to terrorists and their leaders unless they either work for these terrorists or are terrorists themselves. The White Helmets are free to move around in terrorist held areas, take photographs and be their main press and UN contact. This is a region where taking photos gets you crucified for ‘spying’. White Helmets have no problems yet serve as the main contact point to report on “chemical attacks” in Syria’s terrorist held areas, whether it’s ISIS, rebels or al-Qaeda.

That should be a strong warning sign. But what do government’s do? Fund them. It’s total insanity.

The White Helmets (al-Ḥawdh al-Bayḍāʾ / al-Qubaʾāt al-Bayḍāʾ), officially known as Syria Civil Defence (SCD), professes to be a “volunteer” organisation that currently operates in parts of rebel-controlled Syria. The…

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