Recep Tayyip Erdogan: ‘Collapsing’ Europe will pay for ‘humiliating & oppressing’ Turks

The Muslim Issue

How did the socialist Euro clowns ‘humiliate & oppress’ Turks? The Eurocrats denied the Turks the dream of an Islamic caliphate.

The far-left Euro crazies did not finalize their plan for an open door visa-free membership for Turkey, which the Turks almost managed to cheat out of the fools in Brussels.

Erdogan built his train line that could transport Muslims into Europe, funded by the fools in Brussels at the tune of $120 billion of wasted European’s tax monies. The insane membership would turn Europe into a Muslim-majority continent within a short few generations where 75 million Muslims would join the 397 million Western European population overnight – the main target location for Muslims, where they can destroy the economy within one generation and smuggle an unlimited number of heroes of Islam into Europe; ISIS.



Erdogan promises ‘sick Europe’ will pay for ‘humiliating & oppressing’ Turks

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