Swedes are next: ‘Swedish’ jihadi’s in Syria praised by Muslims across Sweden as rolemodels

The Muslim Issue

Good riddance. May all the rest of the Koranderthal animals around the world blow each other up. No surprises with this lot. Yassin Ben Salah, praise be to Allah for blowing up the filthy dog, was a co-founder of the Panthers, a suspicious criminal gang for young immigrants in Gothenburg in South Sweden.

And the most amusing one who will be burning with his “prophet” is a carrot top dhimmi Swedish convert to Islam. Enjoy the heat! Another one was a “Palestinian”, born in Sweden with Palestinian roots.

What are the “Palestinian” people anyways? They are terrorists, not victims. They were created purely to commit jihad and got redirected into Israel from Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Most of them started flooding the region after 1935. Those jihadis from Egypt ended in Gaza. The jihadis from Saudi Arabia ended in the West Bank.

Over 26,000 “Palestinian” children were trained into…

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