Sunni backed BBC almost created a proxy war by staging a Syrian government attack that never happened

The Muslim Issue

The Alyan Kurdi drowned-kid-on-the-beach report was also pure media propaganda and set-up on a different location than where the child actually drowned.

Why are media reports from Syria been covered in so much anti-Assad propaganda with uncanny similarity to Pallywood?

Well, it’s not hard to figure out. The Sunni “Palestinians” make up the third largest group of jihadist in ISIS. So naturally their endless fraud that we see used against Israel on a daily basis is also used in constant misreporting to the media that painted President Assad as the terrorist in the horrid, tragic and completely unnecessary civil war in Syria. It’s generally pro-Palestinian groups in Western and Eastern politics that drive the anti-Assad argument.

It’s been almost unreal to listen to the reports and skewed debates and reasoning in the media on the civil war happening in Syria, which was and is fully initiated and funded from…

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