Stockholm Terrorist Tells Police ‘Attack was REVENGE for Bombing in Syria’ (Sweden Has Never Bombed Syria)

The Muslim Issue

The lies and excuses they make for jihad!

Sweden has never bombed anything or anyone in Syria. So why exactly did he target a country and people which has never engaged in the Syrian conflict? Because Syria is now used as the excuse. Whether Sweden engaged or not in any Middle Eastern conflict doesn’t matter. Many countries who have no presence or involvement at all in the Middle East are regularly terrorised and have been terrorised by Muslims for centuries. They are terrorised not because of any geopolitical argument. They are terrorised simply out of religious racism because they are non-muslim. The reason is simple: medieval fascism.

Besides, why is Syria filled with bombs today? Because of people like him. Remove the Sunni elements from Syria and the constant flow of foreign Sunni fighters, and the bombings will end, or at least reduce to almost nothing.



‘I am…

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