Analysis of Evidence Contradicts Trump’s Allegations on Syrian Chemical Attack

The Muslim Issue

Analysis of evidence contradicts allegations on Syrian gas attacks

By Adam Larson,
for The Indicter Magazine

Syria SwedeHR cnn-al-nusra-flag-white-helmets-gas-attacks-shahada-6Image above: SWEDHR collage depicting how CNN ‘sourced’ ‘news on Syrian gas attacks’ in fake life-saving video published simultaneously in You Tube by ‘White Helmets’ in Iblid and a ‘rebel’ organization originated in al-Qaeda, successively al-Nusra. Details in article here.



For three years now, it’s been alleged and that Syrian government forces have systematically used helicopters to drop chlorine gas on civilians in rebel-held areas of the country.
Syria chemical attack stages by white helmets Dr-Ali-Darwish_crop-300x298

Amid repeated efforts to impose new sanctions on Syria over the widely accepted charges, another reminder was dropped on March 25: a direct chlorine attack on an underground hospital in Hama province was said to kill at least two, including a surgeon, Dr. Ali Darwish (photo at right). [1]

But a critical analysis of the evidence contradicts these allegations in myriad ways…

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