Syrian ‘Chemical Attack’ Doctor Was A UK Jihadist

The Muslim Issue

There is no President Assad initiated “chemical attacks” taking place in rebel held areas. What we are seeing are cases of poisioning of hostage-held civilians by rebels – another fraction of the Islamic jihad.

It’s appalling that Assad is being blindly accused without any investigations of the blanket accusations against him by the world’s largest propaganda group: Sunni muslims. Anyone with even half of common-sense will very cautiously listen to any claims coming from Sunni’s, who are responsible for 98% of islamic terrorism.



Syrian Chemical Attack Doctor Tried as Jihadist in UK

Breitbart, 7 Apr 2017

A key witness to the alleged gas attack on Idlib, Syria, was tried in the UK for kidnapping journalists with a jihadist group.

Described in his Twitter profile as a “Medical doctor trained in the UK” and “Humanitarian aid worker”, Shajul Islam was a key eyewitness on the ground…

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