Trump’s missile insanity: ‘Assad not mad’ enough to use chemical weapons: Former UK ambassador

The Muslim Issue

When we finally hoped we would see some sensibility in Washington, we appear to have just one more clueless donkey in office.

Trump is so clueless about Syria, he can’t even grasp that he is sending missiles over nothing but assumptions with no evidence to support the claims Assad was behind this staged “chemical” attack. This will encourage jihadists to stage more barbarity against hostage-held civilians in hope that the delusional Western leaders will do their job for them. Jihadist always commit their atrocities in jihad occupied areas while using civilians as human shields and trapping them, since that’s the only place they can enact their barbarity.

This event is nothing but a dejavu from 2013 when 70 Alawite children got kidnapped with women in Latakia and transported to Ghouta by Obama funded rebels. Two weeks later the jihadists poisoned the children to death and proceeded to act as grieving parents…

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