Terror in Sweden: Muslim drives truck into pedestrians in Stockholm and gunman opens fire

The Muslim Issue

Frankly, the Swedes are so stupid they (almost) deserve it. The pinhead Swedes suffer from the Stockholm syndrom and exist in a bubble of sickening denial where facts are replaced with fantasies. They imagine Muslims only terrorise other countries but will never attack their own. Muslims are never grateful for the generosity given to them by Sweden or any other non-Muslim nation.
Muslims terrorise. Period. Wherever you invite them – that place, town and nation becomes a target of terror. An endless target of terror which never ends until their population grows in deliberate baby-factories until they become a majority and the entire country turns Islamic.

What have the insipid Swedes gained in return for importing Muslims who now make up 10% of the population? A drowning welfare system where 80%+ of recipients are their new migrant pests. The school system falling apart from Muslim student violence and initimdation. The…

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