Muslims burn down Church in Storholmsjö in Karlskrona, Sweden

The Muslim Issue

In Sweden the Islamification of the country is in full swing and freely aided by the country’s socialist government. Arson is almost a daily occurrence. Assault, murder and robberies are almost an hourly occurrence in a country that had the lowest crime rate in the world, pre-Muslim migration. Violent Muslim attacks against teachers, doctors, police, fire department, jews, politicians and extreme threats of rape and mutilation Muslims post against journalists in social media and forums is rampant in the country. Over 60.5% of the entire country’s welfare budget is exploited by a 15% foreign immigrant population. Since Muslims account for nearly 90% of all recent immigrants, no need to mention who is the recipients of Sweden’s tax-payer funded welfare payouts.
The staggering Muslim rape statistics in such a small country like Sweden, where over 80% are Muslim aggravated rape cases, should raise anyone’s eyebrows and initiate at least mass deportation…

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