Saudi Cleric calls for offensive Jihad and death for apostasy: ‘Islam does not allow liberalism and coexistence’

They are insane, I hope the victims of 9/11 win their case against Saudi – currently being sued.

The Muslim Issue

Saudi cleric Sheikh Ayman Al-Anqari cited various hadiths in support of his claims that “coexistence in the sense of freedom of religion… is null and void” and that there are two kinds of Jihad: offensive Jihad and defensive Jihad. Offensive Jihad basically means a Muslims has the right to attack the infidel merely for him being an infidel. It’s not only a Muslim’s right but it’s his duty to raid and commit Jihad. Defensive Jihad means the infidel should surrender, not fight back to defend himself, or he commits war against Islam and must be fought against and slain.
The punishment for apostasy, he said, “is one of the greatest punishments in Islam.” Al-Anqari’s lesson aired on the Saudi Al-Ahwaz TV channel on February 16.

If the Saudi authorities, the friends and allies of Clinton and Obama, hand religious titles to someone like this and grants him the powers to…

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