Saudi historian: Women are responsible if they get raped by foreign taxi drivers

The Muslim Issue

Perhaps someone should rape this dumb Saudi dog.

Watch the video here.



Saudi Historian Al-Saadoon: Women Share Responsibility If Raped by Foreign Taxi Drivers

In a follow up to a previous show, in which he said that for Western women, getting raped is not a cultural problem, Saudi historian Saleh Al-Saadoon claimed that his comments were falsely translated. Later on in the show he said that women who ride taxis driven by foreign drivers share the responsibility if they get raped.

Following are excerpts:

Reporter: On January 11, we held a discussion on our program with Saudi historian Dr. Saleh Al-Saddoon, who believes that the West conspires against Saudi women.

Saleh Al-Saadoon: Women used to ride camels, so one might ask what prevents them from driving cars. In Saudi Arabia, we have special circumstances. The city of Arar is 150 km away from Al-Jawf. From Al-Awf to…

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