Muslim hordes: Denmark closes its border with Germany

The Muslim Issue

Sweden and Germany should be penalized and forced to pay compensation to other European countries it pushes this invasion on. Imagine the costs they have created onto all the in-between nations, by officially announcing Muslims savages will be given entry in-spite of illegally forcing their way into their countries. They are creating an entire tidal wave across Europe of crimes, border trespassing, occupation, terrorism. There should be a class action lawsuit against these pro-refugee countries from the entire Eurozone. They have destroyed the tourism industry and made life unbearable to the smaller nations on the Mediterranean, ruining their economy. These socialists are completely insane.


Denmark CLOSES its border with Germany: Road and rail links are shut down in bid to stem the flow of migrants

  • Hundreds of migrants tried to walk along a Danish motorway to Sweden
  • Danish police have ordered the suspension of all trains to…

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