Guantanamo terrorist earns £1mil compensation – used it to fund terrorism

Unbelievable what about the NHS?

The Muslim Issue

Did UK Guantanamo payouts go to Isil? Government under pressure to prove some of £20m compensation did not fund terrorism

Jamal al-Harith received up to £1 million of UK taxpayers’ moneyJamal al-Harith received up to £1 million of UK taxpayers’ money.

by Robert Mendick, Chief Reporter Christopher Hope, Chief Political Correspondent
Telegraph, 22 February 2017 • 10:05pm

The Government is under pressure to prove that none of the £20 million paid to British terror suspects held at Guantanamo Bay ended up in the hands of Isil.

The row was ignited following the death of Jamal al-Harith, who received up to £1 million of UK taxpayers’ money before travelling to Iraq where he blew himself up in a suicide bomb attack.

Terror experts and senior politicians expressed their concern that money paid to al-Harith in compensation for two years spent in Guantanamo Bay without charge had been used to fund Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil).

British Guantanamo detainees: top row from left: Binyam Mohammed al Habashi, Jamil el-Banna, Omar Deghayes, Abdenour Sameur, Bisher Al Rawi, Feroz Abbasi 2nd row: Moazzam Begg, Richard Belmar, Martin Mubanga, Shafiq Rasul, Asif Iqbal, Ruhal Ahmed 3rd row: Tarek Dergoul, Mohammed Al Ahmed Rachidi. Jamal Udeen, Shaker Aamer, Ahmed Belbacha British Guantanamo detainees: top row from…

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