Immigration and Crime in the Netherlands – Statistics

Muslim Statistics

The title says immigrants but the reference is mainly Muslim immigrants.

Much like with Brexit (United Kingdom’s European Union Referendum) and the United States election featuring Donald Trump – Immigration has taken center stage in politics worldwide. On March 15th, 2017, the Netherlands will decide it’s future when it holds it’s parliamentary elections which have been highlighted by current Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Party for Freedom’s Geert Wilders.

Statistics are gathered from Statistics Netherlands (CBS) government sources linked below.




Netherlands Population by Origin Country
Statistics Netherlands (CBS):….&STB=G1,G5&VW=T

Asylum Requests
Statistics Netherlands (CBS):…-twelve-in-2016

Fastest Growing Foreign Popopulation [file]
Statistics Netherlands (CBS):…ue-to-migration

Crime Statistics[file]
Statistics Netherlands (CBS):…ji2016s_web.pdf

Prison Population Statistics
Statistics Netherlands (CBS):….LNL&PA=82321ned

Unemployment Statistics[file]
Statistics Netherlands (CBS):…ji2016s_web.pdf

Welfare Benefit Statistics  [file]
Statistics Netherlands (CBS):…ji2016s_web.pdf

Resettling Middle Eastern Refugees Cost
Statistics Netherlands (CBS):…astern-Refugees

Netherlands Government Debt

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