Iraq: Devout Muslim raped 200 women and boasts: ‘It was normal’

The Muslim Issue

Captured ISIS jihadi reveals how he killed 500 civilians and raped 200 women during the terror group’s barbaric raids on Yazidi settlements… and boasts: ‘It was normal’ 

  • ISIS jihadi Amar Hussein was captured and imprisoned by Kurdish forces in Iraq 
  • He said that he raped more than 200 women while fighting for the terrorists
  • Hussein boasted about shooting 40 people at a time, blindfolding them first
  • A second prisoner, Ghaffar Abdel Rahman, was also interviewed but gave little away 

A captured ISIS terrorist has told in chilling detail of the mass executions the terrorist group carried out during their barbaric raids.

Amar Hussein says he reads the Koran all day in his tiny jail cell to become a better person, yet he shows little remorse for the 200 women he raped as he pillaged Iraqi villages.

Hussein and another…

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