US Security Contractor Warns: Muslims Will Kill Americans & Are Very Good Manipulators

The Muslim Issue

Retired Marine Steve Gern now working as a private security contractor talks about the video he made where he warns the US about the reaction local Iraqis had after President Trump signed his executive order banning travel from countries like Iraq.

The Marine is describing ordinary Muslims with no declared terror ties wanting to kill Americans.

One of the most profoundly truthful statements originating from Gern’s observations of Muslim psychology is, “What I have learned over the years of working with them is that they are very good at manipulation. They can manipulate just about anyone. They will tell you what they want you to hear and they can keep that up for many, many years”. That is EXACTLY the core Muslim quality. And they use it constantly. The protests and problems we see stirring up across the US absolutely has a Muslim hand behind it. The more reason…

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