Libya: US ambassador dead body dragged on street by Islamo-fanatics while crowds shout “We are all Osama”

The Muslim Issue

You got to wonder at the sanity of the media nowadays. When footage from Libya show Ambassador Christopher Stevens dead body being dragged around on the streets of Libya the NY Post caption state that the extremist crowd is “helping” to carry Christopher Stevens. Have I missed something here?
Christopher Stevens and his colleague are the victims of all those freedom fighters and lovers of freedom and democracy that the U.S., UK, and France helped with funding and military backup to oust their former madman in power, to bring in a new madman. Watch another sharia madness seek power in Libya. Chris Stevens appear to be a dhimmi who believed Islamic democracy actually exist.
Wake up to the realities of Islam: put a full stop to Muslim immigration to the west asaps. Dismantle mosques, ban the Koran and ban any Sharia courts, whether inactive or in council stages.



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