Libya: U.S. Ambassador “raped and tortured” before being killed

The Muslim Issue

Obama’s handiwork in Libya. How absurd is the media? News reports even claim Libyans attacked and burnt the U.S. embassy but tried to “help” Chris Stevens! Hmm… yeah. That’s why they attacked the embassy in the first place: to help.
Like we mentioned yesterday, Ambassador Chris Stevens was the typical dhimmi. Dhimmi’s imagine Islam and ‘radical Islam’ are different. They imagine savagery are isolated incidents and Islam and democracy are shaped from the same coin. Stevens was there to ‘help’ a people who only want help to overthrow a government, to replace him with a radical.
There is not a single Muslim nation on earth with a democracy. And why is that? Are they simply all that unlucky? It doesn’t exist because it’s contradictory to Islam. Our government need to stop being stupid and grasp that Islam itself is anti-democracy to the deepest sort. Where there is Islam there…

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