Germany: Merkel’s newly arrived “refugee” attack and assault three women in two hours

The Muslim Issue

Readers may have noticed that in several incidents of reported Muslim attacks, the Muslims use the same excuse over and over again: they were under the influence of alcohol. They don’t remember any attack, rape, assault, robbery.

The authorities don’t seem to understand that these excuses have a specific purpose: it is an indirect way of passing the blame against the host country and imply the Muslim is the victim. What they mean by these excuses is that “your democracy, your haram culture made me do this. Alcohol is forbidden in Islam.” This is the mindset behind these excuses used in their crime rampage. Muslims are always “victims”. You can even hear this kind of victim mentality used in counter-argument among Saudi officials whenever they are asked by Western media about Middle Eastern civil, social and cultural problems. They will often cite that “capitalism is new to us. You brought…

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