Quebec cops now say Alexandre Bissonnette sole suspect in “Allahu akbar” shooting at mosque

The Muslim Issue

According to new reports Bissonnette “called” the police to hand himself in and they immediately arrested him. Hmm… really? Each time the media reports on major crimes people with mental illess call police and declare themselves to be guilty. Muslim witnesses at the mosque reported multiple suspects and that gunmen screamed Allahu-Akhbar while they shot people. We have no report yet what Muslim community frequents the mosque; where they a minority group?

Weird that Quebec police don’t belive the muslim testimonies of multiple gunmen, shouting allahu-akhbar, one with a local accent and the other with a foreign one, but the Quebec police believes the white guy calling them to hand himself in.

Sounds like a bit of Trudeau influence, like we see in Germany where only 7 out of 1,200 sex attacks on women in a single night in Munich made it to crime statistics – on Merkel’s orders.

In other…

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