UK: Muslim MP pledges to ‘tear to shreds’ the reputation of Donald Trump

The Muslim Issue

We knew there was a Muslim hand behind the strongest opposition to Donald Trump. Have you notice Muslims in Britain do not come out to demand a ban on Muslim hate preachers? You’d be cautious, however, to criticize these Islamists. This is why you can’t have a person who identifies as Musllim allowed into politics, immigration, security services. It compleyely undermines the fundamental laws of the country. They don’t want to adapt. They want to rule you.

Muslims political influence arranged the ban on Geert Wilders into Britain. They are also behind the pressures of a ban on Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

Geller and Spencer should seek damages.

What is important to Britain? To remain an ally with America or go solo? A tiny country that shrunk into oblivion and has managed to more or less destroy its own ability to govern itself without external puppeteering ordering it around…

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