Britain grants anonymity to migrant appeals, concealing their criminality from the public

The Muslim Issue

How the British public are now banned from knowing the identity of asylum seekers – even when their stories are patently bogus, writes SUE REID 

  • Countless foreigners fighting to remain in the UK at Britain’s biggest asylum and immigration appeals centre, Taylor House in central London
  • Automatic anonymity is now given in all asylum-seekers’ appeals 
  • In other immigration appeals based on human rights grounds, claimants can simply download a form from a government website requesting secrecy 
  • Even those who don’t request this often find the judge steps in at the first sight of the Press and grants an anonymity order anyway
  • Disturbingly, the Ministry of Justice admitted it does not publish how many non-asylum immigration appeals are heard in secret

By Sue Reid for the Daily Mail
Published: 01:54, 28 January 2017 |

Wearing polished shoes and sharply pressed grey trousers, the 52-year-old Nigerian is desperate to stay in this…

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