Sweden: Extremist left media smear campaigns politician over ‘religion of peace’ comment

The Muslim Issue

What a ridiculous bunch these socialist nazi’s are! Sweden Democrat Björn Söder made one small and rather lame comment about Islam, and the nazi media patrol is all over him with slander campaigns, distorting his statements and position.

Let’s never forget history. Who voted for Hitler and lifted him into power? Left wing socialists. Who defended Hitler’s position and rule? Left wing socialists. Who were in full support of Hitler and his ‘pure race’ and ‘perfect aryan race’ theories which called for the murder of handicapped, orphans, gays, jews, foreigners? Left wing socialists. Who ignored the atrocities committed by Hitler and never lifted a finger to stop them? Left wing socialists. Prior to problems with Muslim immigration who was the main source of social tension and terrorism in the West? Left wing socialists.

Fascism goes hand in hand with the liberal left and their artificial “values”. And like Muslims they…

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