Austria foils Muslim migrant terror plot

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Austria ‘foil potential TERROR ATTACK’ as suspect ‘from migrant background’ is arrested

A POTENTIAL terror attack in a European city was avoided “just in time”, as a suspect from a “migrant background” was taken into police custody, government officials have confirmed.

Express, By Aletha Adu
PUBLISHED: 05:22, Sat, Jan 21, 2017

Austrian Police urge public to be on the lookout
Austrian Police urge public to be on the lookout.

Austria’s anti-terrorist unit, Cobra, arrested the suspect in a Vienna apartment yesterday afternoon, on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack.

Wolfgang Sobotka, Austria’s Interior Minister told reporters that the 18-year-old suspect who was “an Austrian citizen” from a “minority background”, was arrested after the police unit received “decisive leads from foreign intelligence services”.

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Mr Sobotka said in the press conference: “Our police forces managed just in time to arrest a suspect and thus prevent a potential terror attack in the federal capital Vienna.

“An Austrian citizen with a migration background…

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