Belgian anti-terror police launch huge raid in ‘Europe’s jihadi capital’ Molenbeek

Islam – Deleted Texts
Prophet Mohammed’s confession:
“I have fabricated things against God and have imputed to Him words which He has not spoken.”
— Al-Tabari, The History of Al-Tabari, vol. vi, p. 111

‘Then Gabriel came to the apostle and said , “What have you done, Muhammad? You have read to these people something I did not bring you from God and you have said what He did not say to you.”‘
— Ibn Ishaq, Sirat Rasul Allah, p. 166

The Muslim Issue

Remember how the mayor of Molenbeek, Francoise Schepmans, denied all claims of any problems with extremism in the town? The Mayor of Molenbeek was given a list of more than 80 jihadists living in the area a month before the Paris attack.

Terror mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who left Molenbeek to join ISIS in Syria in 2014, was said to have been on the list handed to Francoise Schepmans.

She was also given the names of the Abdeslam ‘blood brothers’, Brahim and Salah, who lived in an apartment visible from the Mayor’s office. And she did absolutely nothing about it. Instead she argues that poverty creates terrorists although all terrorist organisations are full of wealthy and educated people, and are funded by mosques to the tune of millions. It’s her job and duty to be informed and aware. Stupidity is not an excuse. She should be sued, charged with treason and handled…

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