Barnes & Noble censors book reviews for ‘The People vs Muhammad’

Have read the book and bought my copy from Amazon

The Muslim Issue

Barnes and Noble surrenders to Sharia. No wonder their sales are declining. Freedom of speech and Islam can never live side-by-side. It’s either or. You chose what you prefer. 

We got this email from a reader:


Message: SUBJECT: Muslim and corporate attack on the 1st amendment!!!


it’s come to my attention that a number of online book retailers are censoring reviews for the bestselling book ‘The People vs Muhammad’.

I have contacted the author JK Sheindlin and he or she knows that this is an ongoing problem.

Approximately 2 weeks ago, Barnes and Noble deleted my review because some Muslims complained about it. However, one of the Muslim perpetrators was permitted to leave their review which denigrated the west and used the platform to publicly convert people to the faith.

Because I spoke the truth that Muslims sometimes turn into homicidal maniacs because of the Quran, I was…

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