Berlin Muslim Jihadist is apprehended and shot dead by Italian police, while screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ and ‘police bastards!’

The Muslim Issue

A rookie cop only months into his job chased the pig down and shot him. It almost reminds us of a cheasy episode from Inspector Montalbano. Thank goodness he was not caught in Germany. If he had his human rights would have been more important than those of the victims. His childhood would be blamed for his mental ‘trauma’ and hoax racism charges would be debated and blamed for his Islamic ideology and his natural Muslim desire to kill people. The next excuse would be that he was not rich enough to buy himself a Ferrari and a house and this ‘poverty; made him resentful, oh ‘poor’ terrorist. Leftists would be protesting for his rights and humanity outside the Courts and German media would deny he was the killer. They would seek to pin the savagery on some innocent and naive native German instead (preferably white), who would be branded…

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