Merkel’s terror legacy in political backlash: ‘Merkel’s dead’

The Muslim Issue

She should be. She should be arrested, charged with treason and hanged. Berlin Christmas market attack ‘particularly repugnant’ if carried out by refugee, says Merkel. Isn’t it pretty rich of her to make these statements? Everyone, especially her, have been well aware what is pouring into Europe and she is personally responsible for it, blocking the freedom for Greece, Spain and Italy to shoot at the invaders as they illegally try to enter Europe.


Furious backlash at German Chancellor’s immigration policy as far-right declare that victims of Berlin terror attack are ‘Merkel’s dead’

  • Terror attacker drove 32-ton truck through Christmas market in Berlin last night
  • 15 were killed in attack, thought to have been carried out by an asylum seeker
  • Angela Merkel has faced political pressure over open-doors immigration policy
  • Far-right AfD group has lashed out over her stance in the wake of the attack 

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