Merkel refugee blames women for Muslim sex attacks in Germany, ‘They walk alone at night’

The Muslim Issue

How can a modern progressive country even want to bring in a primitive degenerative ape like this and let him lose into their society? This Merkel refugee claim to ‘fight for equality’ yet blames women for being sex attacked simply because they walk alone at night, minding their own business without a male chaperone. Should it not be a crime to bring in a people this rotten and twisted? If his own argument was valid it would theoretically endorse women to kill men simply  because they walk alone at nights. But he would not agree to that.

Not only have they brought this garbage into the country – but lo and behold, he blogs on the Huffington Post.



Syrian refugee says women are to BLAME for horror German migrant sex attacks

A SYRIAN refugee has said women are to blame for the sickening migrant sex attacks that rocked Germany over…

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