Austria: Wannabe Jihadi Shouts ‘Allah’ With Koran In Hand And Storms Stage of Nursery School Kindergarten Play

The Muslim Issue

He didn’t cut the throat of any of the children that day, so he should be fine and not a further threat… There’s always a tomorrow to complete the task. And if he is deported, provided his human rights are not violated of course, he can groom and train thousands of others to join in the task. So, who will do something about it? No one.



Google translate:

Islam preacher disturbs the Advent performance of Kindergarten.

“Preacher” disturbs nursery performance.

By Heute News,
December 19, 2016:


Giant shock for kindergarten children and their parents in Oberndorf near Schwanenstadt (Bez. Vöcklabruck): During an Advent performance, a man (24) entered the stage in the white gown, took the Koran out of his backpack and shouted “Allah”

“Many thought that the man was part of the theater,” remarks Mayor Rupert Imlinger in his talk with “Heute”.

He was there when the…

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