Woman in Syria killed for being caught with a beer

The Muslim Issue

Another victim of the new Egypt-run worldwide terrorist organization and father of al-Qaeda and Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood. The genocide of non-Muslims have dramatically increased under Morsi. Over 100,000 Christians have been slaughtered per year on Muslim Brotherhood initiatives. The rebel extremists encouraged by the Muslim Brotherhood are forcing themselves into Syria. Syria in return is another vicious nation. They’re all the same.
Don’t allow your tax money to pay for this evil. Their funding of Egypt funds the Muslim Brotherhood. The provision of weapons and military support is only supporting terrorists (‘rebels’) and is pure EVIL. Demand that Europe, Canada. Australia, U.S. – the entire Western world ban and stop all trade with Middle Eastern countries. Stop the oil trade, stop them from investing in the West and making more money through us. Their savaged evil never ends. There is no foreign policy behind their savagery. They have behaved…

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