Pakistan: £238million aid for educating girls goes to assist boys

What did we expect it is time to stop sending aid to all these muslim nations. Let them beg Saudi for money.

The Muslim Issue

How difficult can it be to implement some common sense? STOP funding them. Stop selling bombs and weapons to them. Stop giving them money, trade deals, visas, passports. How difficult can it be?? If they have to be helped because of some law or the other, distribute sandwhiches if they are hungry, books if they site education, medical supplies if they need medical support. They should NOT be given funds.

This money has not been used for education. It is funding corruption, weapons purchases, Islam, Jihad.



How your £238million aid for girls in Pakistan to receive a better education mostly assisted boys 

  • A damning report shows how a programme for girls actually served more boys 
  • Only 43% of vouchers were given to girls despite far more being unschooled 
  • A similar problem in South Sudan saw a £64 million programme fail to reach enough females
  • The Department for International…

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