Greece: Muslim viciously beats toddler in the shower at migrant camp

Islam exerting discipline

The Muslim Issue

The little boy is only three years old. In a statement to the police the father bragged that he was beating the toddler because he did not like to take his bath. Who would like baths if this is how you get treated?

This is how they go about. Everyone has to be kept in fear. That makes a Muslim male feel big and strong. And there is nothing unusual about it at all. In most Middle Eastern countries, up to 90% of women and children are abused. One can imagine the fear installed into such a small child being threatened and abused by a strong, large adult male. Even adults would feel anxiety.

Is this a suitable migrant to the West?

Another horrible issue to point out is that the evil EU plunged Greece into utter poverty. It’s a horrible situation for Greece. Some people abandoned their children to…

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