Austria: Teen girl attacked and almost raped by teen mob in subway

The Muslim Issue

The popular military-styled hair cut that is very popular with Muslim teens in Europe can be seen in the grainy video footage. One of the teen boys, with bleeched hair on top, doesn’t want to participate and leave as his friends attack the girl. The girl is very lucky. A security guard and a male intervenes by chasing the group away. Not that it helps. They’ll just go somewhere else and rob and rape another person.

Muslim youth love to roam around in groups in subways and train stations, robbing people off their phones, assaulting women and the elderly.



Two heroes come to rescue of young girl after she is attacked by group of boys in Austria

A YOUNG girl was attacked by a group of teenagers in a subway in Austria before two men scared off the violent gang.

By Darren Hunt, Express UK
PUBLISHED: 19:41, Mon…

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