Saudi Arabia ‘warns’ Trump against banning oil imports

The Muslim Issue

These goat fuckers can keep their oil to lube the asses of the goats they love so much. Whoever continues to trade with Saudi Arabia and the rest of Islamic countries, is only furthering the spread of terror, wars and miseries around the world. An endless worldwide activity since the creation of oil production.

Cheap oil pushes Saudi Arabia into further budget cuts. According to Saudi Deputy Economics Minister Al-Tuwaijri in an October 25 interview with MBC TV Saudi Arabia could face bankruptcy in only 3-4 years. They profess to have made “bold moves” to minimize such a wonderful prospect, which is doubtful. Truth is, the Saudis have never managed their economy because they have never built it to begin with, or developed any skill to manage GDP. They have only lived to spend their pocket money; the Western welfare called oil contracts no one owed them, and which should…

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