New York-based Egyptian Muslim activist calls for boycott of Copts: “The crescent must be on top of the cross”

The Muslim Issue

The Copts are the most discriminated and marginalised people in Egypt, reduced to live in slums and forbidden to take residency elsewhere. Muslims refuse to allow them free movement wherever they want to go, they forbid them to engage freely in trade or display or sell Christian symbols. The Copts hide in their own ghettos, the poorest neighborhoods of society. Many Copts are deeply discriminated against and are often rejected from normal trade in Egyptian society which forces them to take on unwanted jobs for survival such as garbage collection (many even live in these garbage dumps) and ‘untouchable’ activities. Being of very minimal income due to the restrictions put on them, it is not unusual that they live on pigeon and rat meat for survival. How much more can they possibly boycott them?

She wants democracy in the US – the freedom to call for Jihad against Christians. Her citizenship…

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