UK Court Rules Terrorist Can Stay in UK with Secret Identity

The Muslim Issue

Foreign terror suspect ‘who kept identity secret for 23 years allowed to STAY in Britain’

A FOREIGN-born terror suspect who has twice been ruled a threat to national security has won the right to stay in Britain – by keeping his identity secret for 23 years.

Express, By Harry Walker
PUBLISHED: 01:49, Sun, Dec 4, 2016 |

cThe man (not pictured) has been granted anonymity by courts.

The suspect is known to have masqueraded under at least two false identities – “Nolidoni” and “Pierre Dumond” – since entering the UK illegally in 1993 and claiming asylum.

Courts have granted the man anonymity and only refer to him as suspect “B”.

The Home Office first tried to deport the suspected terrorist in 2000 when security services discovered he was supporting terrorism abroad.

The man was detained in 2002 for three years on terror charges and faced deportation.

But he managed to…

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