UK: Obama, his Muslim room-mate and rewritten history

The Muslim Issue

Obama, his room-mate and rewritten history

The President and the Pakistani, a new play about Barack and the friend he left behind, tells the American story of reinvention, says its author Rashid Razaq

Harlem globetrotters: Obama and best friend Siddiqi in their apartment in New York, before Obama’s move to Chicago and a life of public service and politics.

18 September 2012


A drug addict. An illegal immigrant. A Pakistani. It wouldn’t have taken much to hurt Barack Obama’s election chances in 2008 if his former room-mate, Sadik, had decided to spill the beans.

The “short, well-built Pakistani” who smoked marijuana, snorted cocaine, liked to party and was in America illegally, merited only two pages in Dreams From My Father, the would-be president’s autobiography. He was, Obama confessed, a “composite” character, based on a real person. He never publicly revealed his inspiration for “Sadik” and defended…

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